Sunday, 17 October 2010

Latest Lush Splurge

Yeah, I know, it's taken me ages to write my second blog entry. I hasn't been so well the last few days. But I'm getting better, so all's good. 

I was going to start my blog off Proper with a long winded description of all the products I use in my daily routine (or not-so-daily, cause some items get used like once a week), but ended up deciding I cba. It'll come eventually. I intend to do a bunch of mini and not-so-mini reviews of the products I use anyway at some point. 
Now, onto today's post. Last night I spotted on the Lush Facebook page that several retro products are being disconned, There were a few I'd been wanting to try out, so I figured it was as good a time as any to buy some. The result is I'll be kinda skint the rest of this month, but oh well, I'm sure I'll survive.

So I bought: 
Absolute Delight ballistic, £3.55
Read on the Lush Wiki that it smells of Turkish Delight. Turkish Delight is nice. That's pretty much the extent of my reasoning behind wanting it.

World Peace ballistic, £2.80
This is actually the first Lush product I ever used - when I was a little girl (can't have been any older than 10, and I'm sure I was definitely younger than that) my best friend at the time, who really liked Lush, gave me one. So this was a nostalgia buy for me. 
Happy Birthday bubble bar slice, £3.05
Apparently smells of 'an orange cake with ice cream on top.' So I've never actually come across an orange cake with ice cream on top, but it sounds like it would smell pretty awesome. 

Gumback Express smoothie, £8.70
This isn't actually being discontinued, but I've been wanting it for a while. Last night seemed a good time to get it as a) I'm using Sympathy For The Skin body lotion atm, and as both these products are banana scented I figured they'd go nicely together, and b) I'm using Snow Fairy shower gel atm, and as it can be quite a sickly smell I'd like something else to use in the shower on days when I just don't feel like using SF.

Flosty Gritter bubble bar, £3.30
Not from the retro range, but still a disconned product. Meant to smell like American Cream, which I love <3

Not a huge haul, but as I said - skint. I kinda wanted to get Lemon Days And Ginger Beer ballistic too, but it was more expensive than the others and I was trying to limit the spending - espesh when I'm not 200% sure I like the smell of ginger.

Have to admit I'm looking forward to getting these. Shame I won't be able to use them for a while as I don't have a bath here, just a shower cubicle :(

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  1. You looked like youve picked up some good things:) Ive only ordered online once and I wanted everything from retro range:)
    If you want any lush christmas reviews and other bits and bobs then ive got lots on my blog:)